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lunch & dinner

MONDAY - THURSDAY 12pm - 9pm

FRIDAY 11am - 10pm

SATURDAY 3pm - 10pm  SUNDAY 3pm - 9pm

to start 

back porch bakery bread 8 

toasted back porch bakery sourdough, with garlic-paprika butter


chips & salsas 9

fire roasted tomato salsa, black bean and corn salsa, housemade tortilla chips (v/gf)

market meze 18

quinoa tabbouleh, tzatziki, yellow lentil hummus, market pickles, dukkah, chili oil, flatbread (n/gfo/dfo)

warm goat cheese 19

avocado-almond pesto, roast peppers, toasted baguette (n)

artisanal cheese board 24 

house selected cheese with accompaniments, baguette  (n/gfo)


pacific halibut ceviche 22 

sweet peppers, red onion, ginger, toasted spices, lime, lemon & orange juice, housemade tortilla chips (gf/df)


tuna ceviche 22

red onion, radish, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño, sour citrus juice, housemade tortilla chips (gf/df)

peruvian shrimp ceviche  16

oregon bay shrimp, roma tomato, persian cucumber, red onion, avocado, cilantro, coconut, lime & habanero cocktail sauce (gf/df)

soup + salads

add pollo verde or soyrizo 5  │ add shrimp or salmon 8


tortilla soup  10

blended house roasted tomato stew, crushed avocado, onion, radish, queso fresco, tortilla chips (gf/vo)

root vegetable burrata  16

roasted heirloom carrot, sweet potato, turnip, smoked serrano and spring onion syrup, sage-arbequino evoo, dukkah (gf/n)

simple greens  13

local greens, shaved onion, radish, cucumber, mint, preserved citrus vinaigrette (gf/v)


kale greens  15

kale, arugula, mixed greens, pineapple, beets, pepitas, avocado, apple-pomegranate vinaigrette (gf/v)


garden shareables

brussels sprouts  17 

chorizo-bacon vinaigrette, blue cheese crema, jalapeños (gf/dfo)


spicy spuds  15

crispy fingerling potatoes, ethiopian spices, fireroasted salsa, sambal aioli, cilantro (gf/df)

zucchini fritter  16

roasted garlic sundried tomato relish, basil lemon vinaigrette, tofu queso fresco (df/gf/v)

tahini cauliflower tacos  18

tahini cauliflower, harissa, dukkah, golden raisin sweet pepper relish, fresh mint, housemade tortillas (gf/df/nfo/v)

land + sea shareables 

bacon wrapped dates  15

stuffed with house-made chorizo (gf/df)

*add herbed goat cheese or blue cheese crema  +2


duck confit duo 21

slow braised duck confit rillette, mesquite smoked duck breast, smashed roasted garlic, fruit relish, toasted baguettes (gfo/df)

gambas al ajillo  26

wild caught shrimp, chili flakes, paprika-garlic oil, grilled lemon, parsley, toasted garlic sourdough (df/gfo)

cassoulette de luna  18

duck breast, house-made chorizo, pork belly, dragon tongue beans, mirepoix, sourdough bread crumbs, toasted sourdough  (gfo)

caribbean curry mussels  27

salt springs mussels, yellow coconut curry, radish, cilantro, toasted garlic baguette (df/gfo)

new zealand lamb lollipops  28

charbroiled half rack of lamb, piquillo pepper chimichurri (df/gf)

coconut shrimp tacos  24

coconut shrimp, strawberry and pineapple pico, pickled onion, coconut jalapeno sauce, housemade tortillas (df/dfo)

king salmon tacos  26

blackened king salmon, crushed avocado, cherry tomato, persian cucumber, arugula, preserved citrus vinaigrette, housemade tortillas (gf/df)

chimichurri steak bites  27

striploin, smoked onions, fingerling potato, kale, fresno chilis, chimichurri (gf/df)

street tacos

served with housemade salsas │ all tacos are made with white corn tortillas and are gluten free


4 tacos for 20 │ 6 tacos for 28 │ 10 tacos for 40

al pastor with salsa criolla and pineapple marmalade (df) 

miso mushroom  with chili miso sauce (v/df)

pollo verde  with pasilla aioli (df) 

housemade soyrizo  with kale and potato (v)

braised beef birria  with pickled onion (df)

crispy rockfish  with lime crema, cabbage slaw (dfo)

lunch specialty dishes 

only available weekdays 12PM - 3PM / weekends 11AM - 3PM



paella bowl  22

pollo verde, chorizo, english peas, salsa criolla, saffron rice, soft cooked egg (gf/df)


steak saltado bowl 22

chimichurri marinated flat iron steak, sliced avocado, grilled onions and peppers, cherry tomatoes, basmati rice, sweet potato fries (gf/df)

pineapple shrimp curry bowl  24

yellow caribbean curry, shrimp, bell peppers, pineapple, market vegetables, black squid ink rice (gf/df)

banh mi bowl  20

cucumber, radish, pickled vegetables, jalapeño, cilantro, mint, sambal aioli, nuac mam, brown basmati rice 
choice of sauteed tofu or pork belly (gf/df)

slo bowl  18

farro, quinoa, crushed avocado, garlic-fried vegetables,

queso fresco (vo)
add pollo verde or soyrizo +4 add shrimp or salmon +8

signature paella 

our paella is rich and flavorful with a layer of caramelized, crispy rice on the bottom of the pan (called socarrat) which is considered the marker of a great paella. all of our paellas are made with sofrito (onion, tomato, sweet pepper, herbs) and salsa criolla, and are served with grilled lemons and parsley

*serves 2-4. please allow up to 35 minutes to prepare. (gf/df)

choose between saffron or black squid ink rice

de la luna  52

pollo verde, housemade chorizo, soft cooked eggs, english peas


market vegetable  42

asparagus, carrots, parsnips, rainbow chard, vegan sage
roasted garlic aioli, toasted almonds, english peas (v/nfo)

del mar  62

rockfish, shrimp, clams, scallops, saffron aioli,

english peas


mixto  68

a combination of our de la luna and del mar paellas

a service charge of 2O% will be applied to all groups of 8 or more

(gf) gluten-free (df) dairy-free (v) vegan (o) option (n) contains nuts/seeds 

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