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Meet Sonia

A woman of many hats behind the kitchen line.
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Folking it Up

In his three years on Luna Red’s live music line-up, Chris Beland has always demonstrated an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between the restaurant guest and the live entertainment.
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Meet the Riot

Two beards walk into a bar. They both wear flannel shirts, trucker hats, and carry a guitar case in one hand and a rocks glass of rye bourbon in the other.
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Bar News: A push towards Craft

One of the cornerstones of the bar program that bar manager, Jason Nuss, has established is a push towards being a truly craft bar.
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Sous Chefs

When Dave Gerszewski (middle) started at Luna Red three and a half years ago, he was joining a staff preparing for a move to a new location. No one, not even this new fry cook was sure of what to expect, but everyone, front and back of the house, knew it’d be something delicious...
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