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Safety Measures for Covid-19

Our Commitments to our Community and Staff during the phased reopening from the COVID 19 pandemic

  • We will provide hand sanitizers at check-out stands/stations and entrances and exits 

  • We are eliminating any “self-service” systems like toothpicks at the host stand, marketing collateral, sugar caddies, salt shakers, communal sauces, etc. 

  • Menus will be laminated/in plastic holders to allow for easy sanitation.  These are limited per table and we will ask guests, who are able, to use their smartphones to browse our menu with the provided QR codes.   

  • Employees will be assigned to disinfect high-contact surfaces frequently.  Items include point of sale terminals, counters, common tables, restroom surfaces, doorknobs, phones, keyboards, light switches

  • We will thoroughly clean each customer dining table after every use.

  • No rolled silverware will be preset on tables but will be kept in a safe area until a guest needs them. 


  • All employees will be told to stay home if sick.  We will monitor employee health at the beginning of each shift (fever, cough, gastrointestinal symptoms, etc.)

  • Sick employees with symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be encouraged to be evaluated for testing by their doctor or urgent care.

  • All employees are directed to regularly self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.


  • Employees are directed to wash their hands:

    •  When they come to work, before touching anything

    • After handling  $$ or cc

    • After bussing tables

    • Before and after eating or smoking

    • After touching face of hair.

    • After using the restroom

    • PLUS every 30 minutes or whenever else you feel you should after coming in contact with others



  • We will be limiting the number of customers in the facility at any one time to the maximum number which allows for customers (or groups of household members) and employees to easily maintain at least a six-foot distance from one another, at all practicable times.

  • We will not allow customers to sit or stand within 6 feet of food, glassware, consumables, or other materials that will be provided to other customers. (bus stations, etc) 

  • Physical distance from EACH OTHER whenever possible- at least 6 feet

    • Even if you are less “worried” about this- please respect the fact that you may not be comfortable being in close contact with you

  • We will limit the use of our waiting area, and instead, encourage customers to wait off the premises.

  • Where possible, we will require one-way traffic in higher traffic areas.

  • All employees are officially instructed to maintain at least six feet distance from customers and from each other, as much as practicable.

  • We require customers to utilize face coverings when on our premises, and away from their table

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