Let's Get Tipsy

One would be hard-pressed to find a livelier scene than a Friday or Saturday night performance by the Tipsy Gypsies and the visual accompaniment of their loyal and limber swing-dancing fans. The 1950’s-inspired sound and appearance of the group saturates the Luna Red scene as red lipstick, fedoras, and coupe glasses abound aplenty.

The current roll call of the Tipsy Gypsies has made a monthly cameo to the Luna Red live music scene for over three years now, though some of the band’s members have been performing together for almost twice that amount of time.  The band as we know it today consists of Hilary Langdon on lead vocals, Forrestt Williams on guitar, Brian Lanzone on upright bass, Allan Dick on violin, and Darryl Van Druff on drums.

The Tipsy Gypsies’ biggest influences consist of Django Reinhardt, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and choice selections from today’s contemporary pop music scene. Their set list is peppered with hauntingly attractive originals that are available for purchase on their two full-length albums Little Victories (2014) and Lipstick Hold-Up (2009). They are currently working on recording their next album with six or seven all-new originals, slated to be released in late 2016 or early 2017. Their unpredictable and eclectic mix of genres includes gypsy jazz, classic and contemporary blues, and pop.

In 2015 the Tipsy Gypsies were featured at the Beaverstock Music Festival and the Vina Robles amphitheater. They started 2016 off headlining at a musical concert at the locally famous Fremont Theater with other entertainment in the “gypsy jazz” family. And of course, you can either dance along to or bob your head to their infectious charismatic sound once a month in the inside bar and lounge of Luna Red restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night from 10 pm to midnight. When lead singer Hilary was asked why their group enjoys playing at Luna Red, she responded both simply and completely: “If the Tipsy Gypsies were a restaurant, we would be Luna Red.” And to be honest, if Luna Red were a band, we’d sure like to hope we would be the Tipsy Gypsies. -- Hayley Mae   music@lunaredslo.com


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