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When Dave Gerszewski (middle) started at Luna Red three and a half years ago, he was joining a staff preparing for a move to a new location. No one, not even this new fry cook was sure of what to expect, but everyone, front and back of the house, knew it’d be something delicious. Now the senior sous chef, Dave looks back on those earlier days and is proud of his staff and the incredible growth they have gone through as a team in Luna Red’s new location next to the Mission Plaza. Working with fresh ingredients to prepare seasonal menu dishes remains his favorite part of the job, and since being hired he has had the chance to work his way through the kitchen frying, sautéing, and creating what he proudly calls "Luna’s beautiful dishes."

Among those who have joined him over the last several years is Waldo Arredondo (right), an assisting sous chef who got his start dishwashing before learning the line. His dedication and interest in cooking earned him recognition from Executive Chef Shaun, and when it came time for a promotion, his nerves almost got the best of him! “I was so impressed by the rest of the kitchen staff, when Chef said he had to talk to me about something serious I thought I was going to get fired!” But luckily, we kept him.

We hope you can visit soon to taste the passion of sous chefs Waldo and Dave, as they agree the excitement and adrenaline of the fast-paced kitchen comes together to create a beautiful meal for all our customers.

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