August 18, 2019

Vervex eked into existence with electronic bloops and bleeps made by little metallic box machines, confined within the storms of solitary chambers. In due time, papa V assembled a superforce team of musicians to help him appease live audiences. Show-goers were often dazzled at the appearance of a live ram onstage. Until that thing took somebody's eye out and got taken by Animal Control.

"These songs are buoyant, enchanting, urgent, and their anatomy is elaborate. This is music that has flamboyant confidence and demands your affinity." EMP Sound Off

"In the sea of electronic music coming out in recent times, Blooprints by Vervex, stands out and is without a doubt the best electronic indie album you’ll hear coming out of the Pacific Northwest this year.”" - What's Up Magazine

“[Vervex] sounds effortless, possessing a seamless ability to weave together plainspoken lyrics and thoughtful string arrangements without sounding as if they’ll slip.” - What’s Up Magazine


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